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Four ways governments can get the most out of their infrastructure projects

– Best practices can help governments invest in infrastructure that expands the economy and better serves the public.

The value of design in global public health

– Targeted and thoughtful application of design in global public health can not only improve projects, programs, and organizations... but also save lives.

How inclusive design can reconnect people with government

– Scandinavia has been an example to many nations on bridging the gaps between governments and their people. Here are a few ways... the public and private sectors use design to connect with residents.

Building the tech talent pipeline

– By taking a data-driven approach, regions can pinpoint the strengths and gaps in their pool of tech talent and prioritize investments... to boost competitiveness and collaboration.

How smart choices on taxation can help close the growing fiscal gap

– The growing fiscal gap has policy makers in a difficult position. Swift action in a few areas can help them improve the operational... efficiency of fiscal systems.

Featured Publications

Customer Experience in the Public Sector

Government agencies that focus on strengthening customer service serve people better.

The opportunity in government productivity

– Governments face a pressing question: How to do more with less? Raising productivity could save $3.5 trillion a year—or... boost outcomes at no extra cost.

How to improve student educational outcomes

To understand what matters in student achievement, we applied analytics to data from the Program for International Student Assessment... (PISA), administered by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). These reports take on a few of the most active debates: Do mindsets matter? If so, to what extent? What teaching practices work best? Does technology help?

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Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Affordable housing in Los Angeles: Delivering moreā€”and doing it faster

– Addressing the housing shortage is an opportunity to reimagine Los Angeles.

Capturing value from IT infrastructure modernization in the public sector

– Government agencies have struggled to match the private sector in modernizing IT infrastructure. By reimagining the business case... and executing more effectively, they can unlock value through greater efficiency and improved performance.

Leveraging technology to improve security and traveler experience

– In this interview, Patricia Cogswell, the deputy administrator of the US Transportation Security Administration, discusses how... the organization innovates and stays in front of risks.
Interview - Voices on Infrastructure

Pivoting to modular construction: An interview with Mark Skender

– Achieving a fully integrated modular construction offering relies on pragmatic leadership and a people-first culture.
Article - Voices on Infrastructure

Working together to tackle the UK housing crisis

– Encouraging UK governments and construction companies to scale modern methods of construction can help address concerns over diminishing... housing as well as prepare the emerging workforce to manage it.

Building agility in the British Army’s headquarters

– Three leaders from the British Army lay out what it took to bolster agility and flexibility in its headquarters operations.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

How the British Army’s operations went agile

– Military commanders have had to change the way they operate in the field. Corporate executives should take note.
Interview - Voices on Infrastructure

Changing the game: A conversation with Katerra’s Michael Marks

– As Katerra strives to digitally disrupt the construction industry and “productize” the way we build, CEO Michael Marks... discusses lessons learned and aspirations.

Modular construction: Priorities for real-estate developers

– Real-estate developers are in prime position to lead the shift to modular construction. Crafting their product strategies and... supplier partnerships are good places to start.

Unlocking Africa’s $100 billion public-finance opportunity

– African governments face stagnant tax revenues and rising public debt. Yet they have wide scope to reform tax systems and improve... spending efficiencies. Across Africa, public-finance transformation could deliver $100 billion a year in new revenues and savings.

Building operational excellence in higher education

– The example of one university shows the potential value in transforming administrative operations.
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