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We have a long-standing commitment to social responsibility.

Our drive to make a difference in society does not end with our work with clients. We believe our firm has an opportunity, and a responsibility, to use our knowledge and our capabilities to help address the world’s most pressing social issues.

Our approach to social responsibility includes empowering our offices and people to give back to their communities, founding and supporting nonprofits to tackle social challenges on a global scale, and ensuring that we run our firm in a way that addresses environmental risks and social issues.


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of nonprofit Generation, which we founded in 2014

Serving our communities

As long ago as 1954, at a time when McKinsey had fewer than 100 consultants, we undertook our first pro bono work, for the Red Cross. More than 60 years on, our offices continue to seek out ways to give back to the communities we live and work within—through pro bono service, as members of nonprofit boards, by volunteering, and in charitable donations.

Every year we support more than 600 nonprofits in this way. These are organizations that have a social-impact mission at their heart, ranging from local charities and chambers of commerce to international NGOs, global think tanks, and universities.

We also offer our knowledge and problem-solving approach in response to international emergencies, such as the refugee crisis in the Middle East since 2015, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014–16, and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013.

Improving education for Syrian refugees

We are working with nonprofits in Lebanon who provide education for Syrian refugees. The program has reached 3,200 children directly and aims to improve education outcomes for thousands more.

Expanding national parks in Chile

We helped Tompkins Conservation make the economic case for Chile’s new national parks, resulting in ten million acres of stunning new national parklands, which provide habitats for hundreds of plant and animal species.

Supporting teachers in the Netherlands

We supported the creation of the leerKRACHT foundation, which helps Dutch schools improve the quality of their teaching. In 5 years, the foundation has worked with more than 750 schools across the Netherlands, and with 17,000 teachers and nearly 300,000 students.

Tackling global social challenges

Through the work of the nonprofits we have founded, we apply McKinsey’s capabilities to address some of the world’s most pressing social issues. By partnering with leaders from the private, public, and social sectors, our goal is for the nonprofits to develop innovative approaches and solutions that will realize social impact on a global scale.

McKinsey has made a long-term commitment to support these nonprofits with donations of resources and people, as well as by convening key stakeholders.


In 2014 we founded Generation, an independent nonprofit, to tackle the global youth employment challenge. Today it is the world’s largest demand-driven employment program in number of annual graduates. is an incubator for new, scalable solutions to complex social challenges. It is currently addressing the sustainability challenges facing cities across the world through its flagship initiative, Rethinking Recycling.

Working responsibly

Our values guide everything we do as an organization and the choices we make. They inform both our long-term strategy as a firm and the way we serve our clients on a daily basis. We are committed to building a stronger institution that has long-term sustainability and enduring value.

We hold ourselves to high standards of environmental and social responsibility. We are continually innovating our practices to ensure we meet—and exceed—these expectations. As participants in the United Nations Global Compact, we support the Ten Principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anticorruption.

Our Code of Professional Conduct

We are a values-driven organization and aspire to meet the highest professional, legal, and ethical standards.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is embedded in our firm’s history and daily practice.

Environmental Sustainability

Our strategy helps us minimize the impact our firm has on the environment.

Supplier Standards

We hold our suppliers to the same high standards of social responsibility that we hold ourselves.